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I've always known I wanted to shoot, however it took me longer than I'd have liked to fully realise it as a profession. After graduating University with a degree in film studies, I spent the first part of my working life across agencies in the creative sector, gaining valuable experience managing clients, running accounts and producing creative campaigns. 

I knew I had to somehow make the move into film production, so started borrowing cameras where I could, jumping at the chance to pick up early DSLRs, Super8 and handy cams. I was taking online courses in edit programs alongside my job, learning about light, colour, composition and other principles of cinematography. 

My career in film really started when I got my hands on a friend's Sony FS5 video camera and offered to go and shoot some promotional content for a music festival. Not long later, I was a freelance videographer, shooting for Puma, Nike and a whole range of other music, fashion and sports brands. Pretty quickly my job had taken me around the world, directing, producing, shooting and editing for some of the biggest brands, including Channel 4, Adidas, FIFA, Max Factor and The NHS. I'd also picked up some kit along the way, including a RED camera package. Full kit list here!

Today, I am a Self-shooting Producer/Director and Editor with plenty of experience in both large and small-scale productions, whether working as part of a bigger crew or a solo shooter. I am most happy when telling a story, connecting with people and forging a trusting and positive work environment. I am obsessed with both watching and working in documentary filmmaking, whether that's condensing that into shorter commercial form, or longer-form narrative pieces, any chance I get to tell a story I will take it. One of the films I shot about the Windrush scandal was shortlisted for a number of awards including 'Best Political Film' and 'Best Documentary' at the Lovie Awards, and can be seen here!

Alongside cinematography, I have a huge love for the outdoors and the natural world. When not shooting, you can find me converting my campervan or looking after my (somewhat needy but very cute) rescue pup.

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