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The Midnight Club's partnership with Adidas Originals and Ajax F.C. saw a 1970s inspired campaign shoot across stills and film. I was tasked to shoot a film that provided a BTS style feel which recreated a number of iconic sports photo moments from the 70s. I shot on a mixture of digital and film formats to give the film a more 70s kind of feel and a lot of attention was given in the grade to keep the visuals looking true to their perceived time.

Producer - @pags_producer @fresh.base
Agency - The Midnight Club
Agency producer - @ljwork_
CD - @joshdconnell
Director of Photography - Ben Bennett
Photographer - @josh_greet
1st assistant - @samdearden
2nd assistant - @federicogioco
3rd assistant - @alexcattphoto
Digi op - @kendal noctor
Colourist - @danmorancolour 
Wardrobe Stylist - @inneswoo
Stylist assistants - @thecaitlinbrown @ melissa baiz
Set designer - @xandermitchelldesign
Set assistant - @charlie adams
HMU artist - @lydiawardsmith
HMU assistant - @nancyduvalsmith_makeup
Casting - @mollymcintyre_lol
Production - @fresh.base
Head of production - @kumarg7
PA - @liamkellydesign
PA - @markesgerard
PA - @ali aden
Talent - @timeri @w_modelmgmt, @connorkeith_ @crumbagency, @juniorbazoly @w_modelmgmt, @ameliagrimshaw @fortemodelmgmt @iraida_model


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